What’s the difference?


Now there is a very important educational tool to prove the percentage of wolf in any dog and the percentage of dog in any supposed pure wolf.

In the past, wolf hybrid / NAID breeders have taken advantage of the fact that experts didn’t have the absolute ability to find that wolf chemical DNA marker.  We had to depend on experts to identify wolf blood by physical looks and personality.

Experts have now identified the DNA markers specific to the AIDog.  These markers also prove the AIDog does not have wolf blood.


Native American Indian Dog (also known as NAID) is a work-around term which wolfdog breeders use to sell their pups. The person who is supposedly responsible for the NAID is a lady by the name of Karen Markel from the state of Michigan who owns and operates a facility known as Majestic View Kennels.  This facility was known for producing wolf hybrids or wolfdogs.

Prior to the year 2000, this facility was taking heat for breeding wolfdogs.  There were many reports of how these dogs were vicious and aggressive.  There were also many reports of attacks on animals and humans, to include young children.  Many of these attacks were by dogs reported to be purchased from Majestic View Kennels in Michigan.  With all of the negative reports about wolfdogs, Karen Markel stopped referring to her dogs as a wolfdog or wolf hybrid and started calling her dogs Native American Indian Dogs (NAIDs).

Now let’s think about this for a moment.  If our common dogs are descendants of the wolf as claimed, it took hundreds if not thousands of years to domesticate it in order to permanently change the wild and unpredictable behavior of the wolf into the pets which we have today.  How can you possibly breed a wolf to a dog for twenty-five years and expect to breed out the wolf gene from a wolfdog to make it a common dog.

Effective June 29, 2000, the state of Michigan passed a law known as WOLF-DOG CROSS ACT, Act 246.  Click here to see the Wolf-Dog Cross Act

Over the years, several breeders throughout the United States have started breeding NAIDs using breeding dogs received from Majestic View Kennels.  Anyone selling a dog or puppy claiming the breed is a Native American Indian Dog (NAID) should be aware that these dogs, or the blood lines, more than likely originated from Majestic View Kennels.  Please do your research and ask the appropriate questions before committing to purchasing one of these dogs.  Imagine falling in love with a pup, spending thousands of dollars for the dog, veterinary care, training and even more training just to discover you cannot handle the dog as it matures.  Or even worse,  you become an owner of a dog which resorts back to its wild side, becomes aggressive and you end up in the news because of a serious incident involving your dog with other animals or humans, just as hundreds of other owners have found themselves in over the years while trying to raise one of these dogs.

There are plenty of examples of owners who have had great experiences with this wolf hybrid.  However, you will find many more owners who have had very bad experiences and were unable to handle a mature wolfdog and had to have the dog euthanized or euthanized by court order.  There are also many wolf sanctuaries throughout the United States who have taken in these wolf hybrids because owners could not handle their wolfdog.

These wolfdogs are described as being a large to very large size dog, ranging from 23″ to 36″ tall and weighing from 55 to 120 pounds.


American Indian Dogs (AIDs) are “old dogs” bred in “old ways”.  A versatile breed by nature, these dogs have been bred as the ultimate companions.

The American Indian Dog (AID) has been traced back 30,000 years in North and South America.  It was mainly the many groups of the Plains Indians in the United States who developed these dogs.  It was very important to their entire culture.  For thousands of years, Native Americans used these dogs for hunting, tracking, guarding and herding.  They were also used as pack animals and would pull the family’s travois as they moved or migrated.  They would keep their owners warm at night and provide wool for weaving and trading.  Being a thinking breed, these dogs are very instinctual and territorially conscious.  This creates an intense bonding shown in pack loyalty to their family.  They are never vicious but always alert and tend to be cautious with strangers.  They are excellent home and family dogs capable of adjusting to any environment.  Working versatility is one of the breed’s exceptional qualities.

The American Indian dog is a working herding type dog, medium-sized, lightly built with a natural looking muzzle and longish pricked ears.  Their bushy tail is carried down with a slight curve.  The most important objective in preserving this ancient breed is maintaining and improving its natural balance, primitive instincts and versatile working abilities for which it was originally developed.  This truly beautiful, naturally balanced, all-American dog was close to extinction only a few years ago.  Now, thanks to all the years of research and selective breeding, hopefully they can regain their proper place in our society to teach man to stay in touch with his natural instincts and the beauty around him.

Although there is a look of coyote, there is zero percentage of wolf or coyote in this breed as determined by DNA testing of thirty randomly selected American Indian Dogs, including the breeding dogs.

The American Indian Dog is a medium size dog ranging from 18″ to 21″ tall and weighing 25 to 45 pounds

Learn more about the American Indian Dog (AID) by clicking here.

The Ethics of Dog Breeding

What’s the big deal anyway?

As alluring as it sounds, dogs are not meant to be bred with wolves.

One anonymous dog owner nails the issue right on the head with,

No one disputes that these hybrids are the victims of those who create them, own them when they shouldn’t, or negligence and abuse.  But the MAIN problem is that you cannot breed the dominant gene for PREDATION out in only a few generations. When will those who promote and create these animals TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the numerous people (mostly children) who have been severely injured or killed by these hybrids?  This is NOT the animals’ fault; it is the fault of those who INSIST upon creating them—-even despite laws against that in some states.  As a Siberian Husky owner and lover, I also resent the use of this dog breed and others to create these hybrids, so that when something bad happens the owners lie that their animal is a Husky, Malamute, Shepherd, etc. and give them an undeserved bad reputation.  Sled dog breeds can more than satisfy anyone’s desire to have a wolf-LIKE type dog WITHOUT having to worry about the dangers of predation.  AND DO NOT try to say that plenty of dogs are aggressive so why pick on wolfdogs; that is two different things (even if dangers to children may occur with both).  ANYONE who has seen a wolfdog that was apparently docile, and who was raised with a particular child, suddenly and inexplicably snap and attack or kill that child knows what I am talking about.  The last child killed by a wolfdog in our state pushed the child down and ripped the child’s jugular vein in merely a matter of less than a minute.  THAT is predation, and you cannot breed that out in the SHORT time that wolfdogs have been in existence (since late ’60’s).